1. Necessary tools

Necessary tools

Things that you will need for this job


You may use a desktop or a laptop computer that runs on Windows or Mac OSX.
Any kinds of mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android based devices will not be considered as a computer.

Stable internet connection

A stable internet connection with at least .5 mbps of upload speed and does not have a monthly bandwidth limit. Even if you have a DSL internet connection, if that is shared with anyone in your household or has a monthly cap, you will not be accepted.

The only internet service that can provide consistent speed is DSL in the Philippines.

We cannot accept anyone who uses mobile network as their main internet source since all mobile network / cellular internet service has failed our internet stability test. Also, the speed has not been consistent.

In case the internet you currently have is from a cellular network, apply for a DSL internet first before you proceed any further.

HD webcam

Your webcam must be high definition or at least up to our standards. We highly suggest for you to have enough light source in your room so that your Skype video will be good.

Headset with microphone

Your headset must have a microphone with noise-cancelling feature. If your microphone picks up background noise, it will be distracting for the students.

Skype account

A working Skype account. Please make sure that your ID can be found on Skype through search before you register for the interview.