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What kind of videos should I upload?

There are no limitations as to what you should upload for as long as you speak English in the video. You may talk about how you study to improve your English, the things that you do on your free time, your hobbies and interests, or any other things that you think that could be interesting for the students.

Here are some examples.


A video log. Compilation video of things that you like to do; interests, hobbies, or even random things. Basically, about your daily life.

Motivational videos

Anything that could motivate and convince potential students to study English.

Educational videos

Informational videos about ideas that you would like to share with the viewers.

English expressions and vocabularies

Some examples of common expressions and vocabularies in English.

Your opinion on certain topics

Your opinion about interesting topics or current events.

Updated on August 31, 2018

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