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What is the training about?

During the training, we will test if you could comply with our fixed schedule and make sure that you will learn more about how to become an Oncub teacher. You will have to participate in our Perfect Attendance Test while also watching training videos where you will learn everything that you need to know about how we do things in the company.

Upon completion, you will take an exam based on the videos that you have watched. You will become a teacher once you passed the exam.

How will I submit my attendance?

  1. Add a certain Skype ID that we will provide you
  2. Check the schedule for the 5-day attendance
  3. For every time slot indicated in the schedule, you will have to submit your attendance by dropping a call to the Skype ID.

More information about this will be included in the instructions that we will send you upon passing the interview.

Will there be a trainer? How long will the training be?

There will be none. We believe that if you are going to work as an online English teacher, it should be given that you will also need to practice independence. That is why we make everything simple and user-friendly. But of course we will still provide necessary support for you when some situation arises.

As long as you do not fail to do the training, it will only last for five days.


Watching the training videos

The information about this will be included in the email that you will receive from us when you pass the interview.



Updated on May 30, 2018

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