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Schedule System

To see your schedule, login to our website with your Oncub account.

How to know if it’s a trial lesson or a regular lesson?

One way to know is by looking at the status of the lesson report. If it’s a trial lesson, there will be an indicator showing it is a trial. If it’s a regular lesson, it will just show submit.

Another way is by clicking on the student’s name.

You will see this information. It will indicate if it is a trial or a regular lesson.

How to know if it’s a 25 minute or a 50 minute lesson?

Click on the student’s name, then you will see the duration of that particular lesson.

Another simpler way is to check the timeline.

One line is for 25 minutes. Two is for 50 minutes.

How to submit a lesson report

After every lesson, you will have to submit a report. To do that, simply click on Submit.

This window will pop up.

If your student was absent, click on Absent. If your student was able to take the lesson, write something for the student then click on Well Done.

Submission of lesson reports has an hour limit. The system countdown will start right after the lesson is finished.

Uploading the MP3 file of the lesson

After submitting your lesson report, you will be able to upload the MP3 file for that particular lesson.

Click on Upload mp3. Then the following window will pop up.

Click on Attach a file, then make sure that you choose the correct MP3 file for that particular lesson. The file will start uploading.

Click on Send when the file has been uploaded successfully.

You may submit your MP3 files within the day. Failure to comply will result to salary deduction.

I experienced an error while submitting my lesson report and MP3 file, what should I do?

You may encounter errors from time to time. But do not panic, this can be fixed easily. Just refresh the page and check the status of your report again. If that doesn’t work, try logging out then logging back in again to our website. Or restart your browser/computer. If all else fails, contact the Operation Team immediately.


Updated on August 31, 2018

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