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How much income can I expect from this job?

Hourly rate


Average minimum of 13,000 pesos up to 35,000 pesos per month based on 8-hour working condition per day plus incentives. Also, it completely depends on your hourly rate.

Our current rates start from 60-140 pesos per hour.

When shall I receive the salary?

We send the salary twice a month, every 10th and 25th of the month. In case the salary day falls on a holiday/weekend, then it will be sent to you on the next working day.

What are the payout options?

As of the moment, the only option for payout is via BPI. If you do not have a BPI account, it is easy to open a new savings account! You will just need P100 to P300 for the initial deposit depending on which type of account you will choose.

Do I get paid even if I do not have students?

Sorry but no. You will get paid for every hour of working time that you have a student. Basically, you work for what you get paid for and you get paid for what you work for. It is a very fair system.

To learn more about the Booking System, please read this article.

Will the students pay me directly?

The students enroll through our system and uses our service. They do not pay only for you to teach them, but also for everything that keeps this company operate. If you buy some food from the restaurant, you do not pay the waiter or the chef directly. It goes to the management and will be distributed accordingly for everyone in the organization.


Updated on May 30, 2018

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