Oncub Coin

What is Oncub Coin?

It is a special feature for teachers which can give certain benefits and incentives depending on how it will be used. This reward system is designed for those of you who deserve to receive something in return by adding more value to Oncub. The coins are accumulative; the more you work hard for it, the more coins you will have!

How to earn Oncub Coins?

Perfect Attendance

One way to earn Oncub Coins is by making a perfect attendance for a month. If you don't make any absences, you will consistently earn more coins as time goes by.

Uploading videos to our video platform

You may also earn coins from uploading videos on the website. The number of coins that you will get will be based on how long your videos have been watched. There will be no limit on how many videos you can upload. More videos mean more chances of you earning more coins!

What are the benefits of Oncub Coins?

You have three flexible options on how you will use your coins.

Additional hourly rate

The amount of coins that you have will be added to your hourly rate by default, you may save it to have a higher hourly rate.

1 Oncub coin = P1 additional hourly rate

Vacation or leave

You may also use it to go on vacation in case of emergencies or you simply want to get some rest.

1 Oncub Coin = 1 day vacation

Cash out or sell your coins

You may even cash it out by selling them to us if you need some extra cash right away. The price of your coin will depend on your ranking in Oncub.

You will receive the funds on the next payout.

Updated on August 31, 2018

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