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Uploading videos to Oncub

What is Oncub video platform?

In Oncub, there are two ways to earn money. By teaching students, and by making videos and uploading them to our platform. Uploading videos to our platform lets you advertise and promote yourself to the students and at the same time, to earn more money. This way, gaining more students will be based on how much effort you put into making them more interested to have lessons with you. If you upload more videos, you will have more chances of having more students and earn more money at the same time. Here are the benefits that you will get.

Earning Oncub Coin - You will receive coins by uploading videos to the platform. To learn more about Oncub Coins, click here.

Popularity with the viewers - Being popular with the viewers means that you have more chances of getting more students to book your lessons. All the videos that you upload to the platform will be watched by more students over time, giving you more coins and that means more earnings! If you are in demand among students, you will have a correspondingly higher rate!

Why I need this platform to establish my career in Oncub?

When you upload videos to our platform, it will be shown to Korean people and in the future, we will show it to Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese and to other people in the world who want to learn English. When Oncub expands to other countries, having many videos uploaded to your profile will be a huge advantage to attract more students. As you gain more students, your price will go up. Meaning, your rate will go up as well! 

When students watch your videos in the platform, they can see information such as your schedule, the history of your records, and comments from other students right below the video. They could also enroll in your lesson right away! So if you upload more videos, you will probably gain more popularity and that will give you a better chance on acing a higher rate in our system. When more students need your service, your price goes up accordingly. But if you do not have videos in our platform, you will not be as popular as the teachers who have uploaded plenty of content.

How to upload videos

Login with your teacher account, hover on My info,  then go to My videos.

Click on Add a new video then select the file that you want to upload.

Managing your videos

You may change the title of your video inside the first box. Click on Send when the uploading progress reaches 100%.

Your video will take at least an hour to be processed. It will appear in the Videos tab right next to Processing tab once it is live.

What kind of videos should I upload? Click here!

Updated on August 31, 2018

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