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How to increase my hourly rate

Gain more students

As you gain more students, your rate will go up as well. This is a simple law of supply and demand. If more students would like to have lessons with you, your lessons will become more expensive. Thus, giving you a higher hourly rate.

Maintain good student ratings

Here in Oncub, students get to speak out their voice and comment on their teacher's lessons. Satisfied students will give you high ratings, if you get to maintain good student ratings, your hourly rate will increase gradually.

Oncub Coins

This is a reward system that lets you receive great benefits. You can use your coin to have a vacation, keep it to increase your hourly rate, and even cash it out if you are in need of emergency funds.

There are two ways to gain Oncub Coins.

  1. Making a perfect attendance for a month.
  2. Uploading videos to attract potential students.

For more information about Oncub Coin, click here.
To check your coin status, click here.

Updated on August 31, 2018

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