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How does Oncub’s booking system work?



Just like most ESL companies, Oncub uses a booking system. So if you will be hired as a teacher in Oncub, we will put up your profile and introduction video on our website. This is how the students will see you and based on the impression that they will get from your profile and introduction video, they might book a trial lesson with you.

The use of the booking system gives us efficiency to manage our time. It is a fair system in which the teachers get paid for what they work for, and only work for what they get paid for. To put it simply, you will not need to be online the whole day just to wait for students to come. You will only have to be online and work when you have students.

What is a trial lesson?

A trial lesson is for free. You will have to provide it for every first lesson that you will be scheduled to have with a student. It is like a free taste of your service. The duration is for 15 minutes only. During the time, you will need to get to know the student and convince them to enroll in your lessons. So make sure that you leave a good impression. When the student enrolls, it’s as good as studying with you for at least 3 months. They may also choose from our 6 months and even 1 year plan.

To learn more about trial lessons, you may watch these videos.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Every student is entitled to try lessons for free from at least three teachers. Meaning, you will be always in competition with two other teachers. May the best teacher win!

How will I know if a student books a lesson with me?

You will see it on your schedule. To know more about how to use our schedule system, you may proceed here.

Be sure to make a habit of checking your schedule from time to time so that you will not miss any lesson.

Updated on May 30, 2018

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