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Frequently Asked Questions

Oncub is an ESL company dedicated to provide jobs for the Filipinos in the Philippines and to help Koreans learn English the fun and easier way.

It is a huge plus if you have an appropriate experience in any ESL related job, however, even if you have no experience at all, you might still be an eligible applicant to join Oncub and it depends during your interview and training. So try it!

Everything in this job is based on the strong ability you have both in speaking and listening. Since you will be working as an English teacher, you should not try to join if you think you are not quite fluent in English.

Yes, it is a fixed schedule.
8 hours a day, split schedule
In the morning from 5:00 AM to 7:50 AM, and in the night from 6:00 PM to 10:50 PM. 5 days a week, Mondays to Fridays.

We provide books stored in our library, but teachers can also use other materials that can be found on the internet such as websites with free lesson plans and other materials.

Average minimum of 13,000 pesos up to 35,000 pesos per month based on 8-hour working condition per day plus incentives. Also, it completely depends on your hourly rate. Our current rates start from 60-140 pesos per hour.

We send the salary twice a month, every 10th and 25th of the month. In case the salary day falls on a holiday/weekend, then it will be sent to you on the next working day.

Yes, we do not accept foreigners at the moment. And please note that we only hire Filipinos who are currently living in the Philippines.

To work for this job, you must be located in the Philippines. We do not accept anyone who lives outside the Philippines.

No, sorry. We do not accept part-timers at the moment.

Teaching is quite different from working in a BPO/Call center company. If you have been there for a while, you are probably used to a fast-paced environment. You basically need to speak more than the person who is on the other side of the line. In the education industry, it is less about speaking and it is more about understanding and listening to your students. A lot of people who came from the BPO industry failed to adjust themselves to the new environment and often times messed up with students’ feeling by speaking too much by themselves. We have seen a lot of cases. An applicant might be very fluent in speaking, however, they were not loved by the students since they could not figure out what they needed to do for the students.

In a call center, you have to deal with English native speakers, however, many people who came from the BPO/Call center industry try switching their career to the education industry. If you are one of them, remember the fact that working in the education industry is completely different. You will need to learn again from scratch or adjust yourself from the beginning to provide our students’ needs.

As Koreans, we appreciate your interest in K-Drama and K-Pop. It may help you to get some attention from Korean students, however, not all Koreans are into it. It is mostly the interest of young Korean women. K-Drama and K-Pop are just one piece of our Korean culture and you will need to learn more of it as you work in Oncub.

It does not matter how much information you currently have about Korea as long as you are open-minded to gain more knowledge about it while working with us.

It is unnecessary, our Korean students are able to understand basic English. However by listening to our podcast, “Do It Like Me”, you can learn more about the simple expressions that we think that may be helpful for your teaching especially if the student is a beginner.

Listen to DILM Podcast!