1. How to apply

How to apply

3 simple steps to become an Oncub teacher!

Application and interview

By submitting your application on our website, you will be able to take the first step to becoming an Oncub teacher. Schedule for an interview, choose a time slot that is best for your availability!

All interviews will be conducted via Skype

Make sure that you have a working Skype ID before you submit your application. You may download the application and create your account here.

Some useful articles to help you prepare:


Necessary tools

Without right tools, you cannot work with us no matter how great you are as an English teacher. Make sure that your technical setup is within the scope of Oncub standards. Click here to learn more.


We do not want or care for an applicant who has only good ability but without good personality.

  • Being Humble vs. Having a Big Ego - A person who has big ego cannot fit in any difficult circumstance. We want someone who is humble enough to accept challenges and overcome difficulties with us. We want someone who considers themselves as one of our family members.
  • Eagerness - Someone who badly needs this job will get it. Do not think of experiencing this job only for your resume. Think it as a life time career. We do not want to waste our time for people who are not passionate enough in building their career with us. There are a lot of people who are eager to get this job, we can only give chances for those who are desperate.
  • Sense - We can tell who has it and who does not. The level of intelligence is one important aspects when it comes to learning new things. We need someone who can potentially learn things fast and understand what students and Oncub want from you.
  • Appearance - It matters a lot in Korea. We know the fact that you are not going to live in Korea. However, since you will deal with Korean students your appearance will matter when it comes to gaining students. Whether women or men, they all care about one’s appearance. The reason is that someone who knows how to care about themselves simply know how to care about something. TextIf you look fat with messy hair and wear dirty t-shirt, no one will like to talk to you. We are not looking for pretty women either, but we want someone who knows how to look presentable to work with us.

English ability

English ability can be obtained only if you have constantly studied and worked on it.

  • Pronunciation - Filipinos often mispronounce T, P, K sound. Filipinos themselves do not notice this issue. However, since Koreans can differentiate between American T, P, K which is ㅌ, ㅍ, ㅋ and Filipino T, P, K that sounds more like ㄸ, ㅃ, ㄲ in Korean.
  • Accent - We are very sorry to say but having a thick Filipino accent would be unacceptable. The reason is that most Korean students are familiar with American English accent, but not British or Australian or Filipino. Also Koreans study based on American English. So when it comes to Filipino accent, when Koreans hear it for the first time it could sound funny or weird. Your accent may not be exactly the same as Americans, but as long as you have a neutral accent, there will not be any issue.
  • Sentence structure - If you cannot make a right sentence, you may lead our students to speak with wrong sentences. It can be quite problematic. Students may ask their Korean English teachers or American teachers in their school to check whether the sentences you have taught them is right or wrong. English in Korea is more on English grammar. So many students are familiar with grammar rules, but they cannot speak English since there is no speaking test in most schools. That is why your job is to lead our students to speak English more often during the lessons.


Pass the interview to undergo training. During this phase, we will test your punctuality and learning capability.

During the training, we will test your punctuality and patience. You will watch our training videos where you will learn everything that you need to know about how things work in the company.

To learn more about the training, click here.


After the training, take the exam to become an Oncub teacher!

All the questions will be based on the training videos that you will watch. So as long as you have a good level of comprehension, you will definitely pass the exam. The purpose of this is to make sure that you are ready to take on lessons after the training. Make sure that you understand and remember everything in the training videos and practice them once you start having students.